Reps Sets Gains- Hyper Sonic Series Stringer (Flex Fit)



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Hyper Sonic Series: Experience Explosive Power. The all-new Hyper Sonic Series is engineered for athletes looking to maximize mobility and energy through high intensity workouts.

Flex Cool Technology:

Sweat Wicking fabric moves sweat 1.5 times faster than normal dry fits, keeping the surface cooler. This makes the athlete remain dry and cool with less irritation. The fabric comes in advanced stretch, giving you a burst of mobility & performance.

-Stretchable Dry Fit

-Tapered Waist

Colour: Red

Print Colour: Black

Our Promise: Greatest Fit, Greatest Workout

Model Size: GymX Athlete is wearing size L, chest 42"

Exchange policy: We do exchange if you have any size issues.

Sizes (inches)

Small: 36-38 chest Length 28

Medium: 39-40 Chest Length 29

Large: 41-42 Chest Length 30

Extra Large: 43-44 Chest Length 31

Extra Extra Large: 45-46 Chest Length 32

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